Futuristic Tension Volume 1

Our first release „Sonic Punch – Futuristic Tension Volume 1″ is out now! We composed and produced fifteen awesome, inspiring, hand and heart made suspense tracks for film, tv and any other media. Deep and dark instrumentals with a pinch of mysterious and orchestral coloeur suited for all things excitement, tension and stress. Mysterious and dramatic pads, pulsating electronic and recorded live drums and percussion and simple and subtle melodies create a tension-filled, sizzling atmosphere.

Each of the 15 tracks comes with appropriate mixes for almost every suspense situation. These include the full, no percussion, alternative and underscore mix which perfectly fits dialogues. The soundcloud player just features the full mixes. Wanna get your audience bite their nails not knowing what’s happening next? This is your secret weapon. Send us a message to receive your copy.

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